Posted 24/01/2010

Be wary when you are searching for a conveyancing quotation.  Many legal firms will cleverly catch your attention with a headlining cheap fee, however if you look into this in more detail, there are several add ons to this fee.

The cheap quotes will drawn you in, but remember it is usually too good to be true and the person who deals with your sale of purchase is very often not a qualified solicitor or legal adviser at all.

Some firms operate as a conveyancing factory style set up and you may be passed from person to person, never getting to speak to a qualified lawyer. 

The Legal House offers competitve fees and is honest from the outset regarding your legal fees.  Here at the Legal House you will also receive a personal one to one service with a qualified lawyer with years of experience.  You will be able to contact your lawyer 24-7 and will never be passed from pillar to post.

As a word of warning to all those clients out there looking for cheap legal fees, remember to ask the qualifications of who will be acting for you and the 'add ons' to your fees!




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I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah. The sale of our flat was more drawn out than we expected with every question imaginable being asked but Sarah responded to them all quickly efficiently and...


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